Expand or cancel your potential, what has been your choice?

Expand or cancel your potential, what has been your choice?

The year is already ending. It is time to take stock, analyze the path and choices of the last 12 months and envision the future, establishing new resolutions, new routines, new goals, and new objectives. That is, everything new to welcome the new year!


And speaking of the ability to create the “new”, have you heard of neuroplasticity? Carla Palavra, who graduated in psychology, specialized in Coaching, Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming and Founder of “Creative Flow”, has helped many people to get rid of behavioral blocks caused by the brain. Through training, workshops and individual assistance carried out in Portugal and Cape Verde, it has facilitated Personal Development processes, with people and organizations that intend to overcome their limitations, expand their potential and create better results.

So, what is neuroplasticity?

It is the brain's ability to modify itself to establish new neural connections, which, in turn, influence our ability to conceive creative ideas. This same plasticity also facilitates the change of habits and the acquisition of new skills.

Although the creative resource is present in all of us, the physiological makeup of the brain is not designed to create energy reserves. Therefore, in order to save energy, the brain tends to take the easy ways and, in situations of tension, assumes the usual procedures as automatic responses, which have little stimulant. For example, when we always go the same way when we come home or we always choose the same restaurants, our brain is saving energy!

It turns out that the less stimulus we give our brain to establish new connections, the less plasticity and ability to conceive the new! Be it an idea, a product, a habit, a perception, etc.
So, imagine the kind of results that you will be able to create in your life when, instead of resistance, you allow yourself to experience fluidity to establish new connections and access new ideas and solutions, whether in your career, in your personal projects or in your day-to-day challenges.

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